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Boatlifts offer an economical answer to protecting the large investment that is your boat.  We have many options available for all different types and sizes of boats.

A lift offers peace of mind from many common issues a boater can experience. Damaging wind, waves, animal intrusion, algae growth, corrosion, and blistering are no longer an issue with your boat out of the water.

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A personal watercraft lift or drive-on float offers protection and ease of use for the most mobile member of your lake fleet.

We have different styles and options available to make the most of your time on the water and easily access your PWC.

Let us see how we can customize your dock to provide the best access

PWC Lifts

A marine railway can be  set up for any type of boat or personal watercraft(s). It allows the opportunity to pull your vessel into a covered space or even a boat house.


A railway is a second means for storing a boat when a customer needs to protect more than one boat and already has a boat lift. 

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Marine Railways

At some point every dock will   need repair.  It is a not a question of if it will happen, it is when. 

Whether it's new construction, yearly maintenance or repair, at Agnew, we always use consistently high quality building standards on every job.  This ensures we deliver maximum value that will last many years to come.

When it comes to your dock there is only one way - the right way. 

The Agnew Way.

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Dock Repair
Dock Accessories

No dock is complete without the right accessories to protect your investment and enhance your lake life.


From rollers and bumpers, to custom built accessories, Agnew has everything your dock needs for maximum enjoyment and durability. 


Contact us and get your "dock bling" on!

Lift Accessories

Our boatlift accessories  are the perfect compliment to your dock system that make getting on and around your boat simple, safe, and easy. 

You've come this far -

"Step Up" and upgrade your boat access today!

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