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We offer a large variety of custom features for your dock.  From different layouts, handrail styles, decking materials, roof options, and many more - every dock system is custom built for you. 

We pre-fabricate as many components as possible at our shop.  That means lower cost and less impact at your home.

The Agnew Way

Our commitment to quality, strength, and durability are unmatched.  There may be less expensive ways to build a dock but none of them can measure up to our high standards of superior construction. 

Your dock system is an investment that should provide years of great memories and hassle-free use.  Do it the right way - the Agnew Way. 

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Seating Areas

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Available in both covered, and uncovered varieties, a seating area is a stable platform close to the water that allows you to sit back and enjoy lake living at its finest.


For covered areas, a standard 5/4 decked ceiling offers an attractive interior with a nautical "ship lap" feel. Roofing materials can be matched to existing structures on the property to include all types of shingles, metal, cedar shake and others.


With options like synthetic decking, various handrails, benches and ceiling fans, we have the expertise to turn your dreams into reality.  Let us help you design and build your distinctive space today. 

Stationary Piers

A stationary pier is a fixed structure that leads out from the shore, or beyond a seating area, to deeper water.  

From dock boxes to various handrail types, your stationary pier can incorporate several options before leading you to your transition ramp where your floating or mechanical dock await.

As always, all stationary piers are purpose-built to our high standard of quality and strength.

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Transition Ramps

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A transition ramp bridges the gap from a fixed structure such as a seating area or stationary pier to another structure such as a floating or mechanical dock.


Ramps can be constructed from either steel or aluminum. Our steel ramps can be hot dip galvanized or painted.  Decking can be treated wood, aluminum or a beautiful low-maintenance synthetic.


Wood or synthetic handrail can also be attached to make the transition ramp better match the stationary structure it is attached to. We can construct these ramps at any length from 4' to 40'. 

Floating Docks

A floating dock is a platform that floats on the water's surface allowing for uniform access to the water at all times.

These docks can be built in multiple configurations with various materials depending on your needs.

Floating docks can have various anchoring methods to include pipe, poles or cables.  We have the expertise to protect your floating dock and extend it's life for many years of enjoyment.  

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Mechanical Docks

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A mechanical dock looks similar to a floating dock, but doesn't float. Instead, these docks utilize four pilings to hang on cables above the water's surface and electrically raise in and out of the water as needed.

These docks are ideal for rough water areas due to high winds or heavy boat traffic. 


Mechanical docks are constructed out of aluminum and are decked with Lumberock synthetic, other synthetics, or IPE decking to provide a "lifetime" dock for our customers. All mechanical docks include bumper rail, bumper corners, and cleats.

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